Beach Wedding

Chances are if you've found your way here you're wondering "do they offer services for destination weddings?" the answer is 100% HELL YES WE DO! We have experience producing large scale events in multiple countries, with personal travel expanding to over 30+ countries. As the great Pitbull says, "let's take this party worldwide" (I don't know if he actually said that but it sounds like he would). Planning a destination wedding is as simple as planning a wedding here in the states. We'll source your vendors, venue, everything in your dream location to make it a smooth and fun process.

Some Destinations We've Worked In:

- France

- Italy

- Germany

- UK

- Brazil

- Chile

- Argentina

- Mexico

Other Places We've Been:

- Croatia

- Spain

- Iceland

- Guatemala

- S. Korea

- Cambodia

- Thailand

- Vietnam

- China

- Russia

- Netherlands

Places We'd Love to Work In:

- The Maldives

- Antigua, Guatemala

- Tahiti

Outdoor Wedding