Hi there! I'm thrilled you've made your way over here to learn more about my company. My name is Chloé, & I am the proud owner of Chloe Alise Events + Design.

After amassing 10+ years of experience in planning & booking talent for festivals, conferences, weddings, concerts, & more, I lost my job with event giant Live Nation in 2020 due to the covid-19 pandemic. I was crushed & didn't know where to go. Like a lost puppy, I was eager to get back to event planning, but a pandemic clearly was not the time to job hunt for such a position. After countless job rejections, I finally had my lightbulb moment. Why wait on someone when I can do it myself! Thus Chloe Alise Events was born.

Chloe Alise may be my name but it's a company made for you. Its purpose & mission is to make event planning and conceptualizing a creative, but unique, event design the least stressful part about your event, & truly be a one-stop-shop for everything you need.  Planning a memorable event shouldn't cause you to hesitate if a planner is a luxury item or expense. My dedication to creating memorable experiences is the driving force as to why my company is one of the most 'no strings attached' planning companies you will find in the Bay Area & beyond.

Put simply, I just want to make your event happen!

A bit more about me, I'm an Austin Texas girl at heart residing in San Francisco with my boyfriend Joe. I have a bachelors degree in International Relations & Global Studies from The University of Texas at Austin and I love dogs, Irish coffees, golfing with my family, a good frozen margarita on a patio in the summer,  interior design, & spending quality time with my girlfriends over chips & queso (I told you I was a Texas girl at heart).

I look forward to hearing from you & learning more about you & your event! 


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